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Image by Fallon Michael


Membership to SLO MakerSpace means 24/7 access to our creative spaces- with great power comes great responsibility!

Becoming a member of SLO MakerSpace starts with you taking a tour, you can sign up for one here.


We strive for a community of conscientious makers and before you get started we need to show you around and get to know your style of making and what you're intending to do in the space.

Once you've come for a tour you'll be able to sign up for membership and schedule your Member Orientation appointment. That is when one of our team members will make you a key and teach you how to take care of SLO MakerSpace and participate as a part of the community.

Once you're a member you can sign up for Workshop Orientation Classes in order to get started using the tools you need to get your craft going!



We have partnered with the SLO country libraries and are thrilled to offer Library Cardhold Access hours.

This amazing opportunity means you can use some parts of the space without paying for membership just yet.

Monday through Friday, 4 PM to 7 PM, bring your library card and come to use parts of the space and preview others! 

Important: Not all tools and spaces are available to non-members using these free-access hours and Orientation Workshops are still required in order for you to gain access to the tools you would like to use.


Sign up here to let us know you would like to come to learn more about Library Cardholder Access.

Image by Konstantin Evdokimov
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