SLO MakerSpace Membership

Get 24-7 access to all of our tools and become a part of the SLO maker community

Membership is an affordable way to access all of our tools, equipment, and community 24-7! To utilize SLO MakerSpace’s facility, each person must sign The Fine Print and take our Basic Safety Class (free with membership or SLO County Library Card). After Basic Safety Class, you will be issued an RFID badge that let’s you enter the building 24-7. As a safety precaution, we have a strict buddy system rule for all members: There must be at least one other person in the facility in order to use any tools or equipment in the Shop. No working alone!

Our facility is divided into two areas for safety and cleanliness: the WorkSpace and the Shop. The WorkSpace is for smaller projects that do not require the use of heavy machinery, thus it is safe for kids of all ages to access and you can work in there alone. Kids under 16 years of age can access the WorkSpace for free, but must be supervised on a 1-to-1 ratio by an adult with a membership at all times. The Shop is where the heavier, more traditional equipment resides. For this reason, you must be 18 years of age or older to use the Shop and must follow the buddy system.

Note: Several of the areas in the shop require an 1 to 2 hour certification course to use them unsupervised – please check their listings or our calendar for class times and prices.

Membership is paid for with auto-recurring payments. This means that when you sign up for a membership, you will be charged automatically every month until you cancel. Your membership will begin the day you purchase it and can be cancelled at anytime from Your Account. We cannot issue refunds; cancelling your membership is your responsibility.

SLO MakerSpace Membership Options

We also sell 1, 3, 6, and 12 month Membership Gift Certificates

Rentable storage spaces and lockers

Monthly Locker Rental

$10.00 / month

Tired of lugging your personal protective gear and specialty tools back and forth from home? Or maybe you need to store some small project supplies for a while? Either way, SLO MakerSpace has you covered with our affordable locker spaces. Lockers are $10/month, and you can book them for as long as you need.

NOTE: Lockers are paid for with a recurring payment system. This means that when you sign up for a locker, you will be charged $10/month until you cancel the subscription. You can cancel the recurring payments once you are done using your locker by going to ‘My Account’ when logged in to SLO MakerSpace’s website.

Once you sign up, fill out one of the labels hanging by the lockers with your name, email, and phone number. When you are finished using your locker, make sure to cancel your subscription online and then remove your label from your locker. If you keep your stuff around after cancelling, we’ll call and email you to come pick it up or renew your subscription. If you are not responsive, we reserve the right to give away your stuff. Please take responsibility for your belongings!

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