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General Shop Membership

General Shop Membership is $75 per month and comes with a key to the space.

This membership gives you access to the woodshop and ceramics studio 24/7, with the knowledge that we have a 1 strike policy on rule breaking and can shut down your access remotely

Each area of the shop requires a Basic Proficiency Test to be taken before access is granted. These classes are $25 each. Proficiency classes need to be re-taken if there is a three-month lapse in membership.

Click here to sign up for Individual membership!

Get a Family Membership Here!

*There is a $25 fee for canceling the recurring membership after one month.

* * *

A Note for Members Using the Ceramics Studio

The Ceramics certification is required in order to grant you access to the clay studio, throwing wheels, and ceramics tools.

We have clay for purchase and glazes intended to work with the clay we carry.

Firing Fees

Fees include two firings (bisque and glaze)

and the use of our glazes.

$5 per large mug-sized item (or collection of small items).

$35 Half kiln

$70 Full Kiln

* * *


Library Cardholder Special Access

With a valid SLO County Library card, and completed certification classes you can come to use the woodshop for free weekdays 4-7PM.

Library membership does not include the ceramics wheels, Wood 2 tools, Mortissing machine, lathe, the CNC Router, or welding.

Come try out the SLO MakerSpace

and see what you can do!

Shop Membership
Ceramics Membership
Library Membership

Days and Hours

Staffed Hours:

Weekdays 4PM to 7PM

Paid Members:

24 Hour Access

Please contact us here with questions about hours.

Book An Appointment

Reserve a spot for the laser

Request a Certification Class

or a Tour of the Shop

Certification Classes and Tools

This is a list of Certification Classes and the tools available to you once you take each class.

Please note this is potentially incomplete as we get new tools from time to time.

No Certification Needed

Sewing Machines (2)

Paint Booth

Adobe Creative Suite

Special Certifications (each machine is their own course)

Silhouette Vinyl Cutter

3D Printer

Wood CNC*

CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver*





Hand building

Ceramics tools


Woodshop 1

Table Saw
Drill Press

Belt Sander

Chop/Miter Saw

Ryobi Handtools

Circular Saw

Jig Saw

Reciprocating Saw

Band Saw

Leather Working Tools

Drivers Sockets

Hand Saws (wood)

Oscillating Sander

Air Compressor

Staple Gun

Downdraft Table

Woodshop 2*
Drum Sander


Routing Table


Nail Gun

Brad Nailer

CNC Mini Mill
Mortising Machine

Metal Shop**
Handsaw (metal)

Pipe Cutter

Metal Chop Saw
Palm Sander
Small-sized Sheet Break
Oscillating Multi-Tool
Bike Frame Jig

Metal Band Saw
Sandblasting Cabinet

*-Woodshop 1 prerequisite

**-Woodshop 2 prerequisite

***-Metal shop prerequisite

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