A Place to Learn

In addition to our weekly course offerings, we've put together the following guides for using our equipment safely and effectively.

Basic Safety

Laser Cutting and Engraving


How to Pull a Handle

There are a few ways to pull a handle for a mug, pitcher, etc. This guide will show you how to pull a handle directly on a cylinder verses pulling a handle by itself then cutting it to fit and attaching it to the piece.

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Project Guides

Tool Repair and Maintenance

Changing the Cutterhead on your Jointer

In 1994 I bought a new Powermatic #60 eight inch long-bed jointer. Boy, was it nice. Compared to the little 6″ hobby jointer I had before, this thing was massive AND accurate. I could actually joint wood square & flat. The only problem with it was in changing and setting the knives. Like most jointers, referencing the knives to the outfeed table was by trial and error — mostly error.

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