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A Unique Membership for Select Organizations

Creativity allows for alternative solutions to complex problems. By fostering creativity among your employees you’ll naturally experience a more cohesive and forward moving work environment. Employers benefit when they encourage their employees to MAKE SOMETHING.

SLO MakerSpace’s Corporate Membership program allows employers to offset the Membership and Class costs of SLO MakerSpace for their employees. We do this through company-held access badges that can be used by anyone in your workspace who has passed our Basic Safety and gets them in anytime, 24/7.


The Recommended and Value level memberships also make it easy to learn new skills by including all basic classes at no additional cost (each class costs the regular or library cardholder member $50).

“But what if we don’t ever use it?”

Sometimes, new environments, new tools, new communities are daunting. If your people never use their membership, we make it easy with our month to month billing to cancel or downgrade as you choose. Although we make every effort to be an inviting and accessible space, we understand if your needs change. We have no hidden fees for cancellations, and require no contracts. Easy peasy.

“How do I even get started? It seems so complicated…”

Simply pay for the package you’re interested in and our Corporate Membership Manager will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.

Still unsure? Reach out to us through this form and we’ll answer all of your questions.

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Current Corporate Members

The SLO MakerSpace is great! They are doing some avant-garde stuff in the realm of education, and personal empowerment. I wasn’t sure I’d really fit in because I thought it’d be more like a traditional wood shop or full of a bunch of computer geniuses. That wasn’t the case though! I found a community of diverse and super supportive people who I have connected with and learned from!

Steph Fellows

I love coming in here, throwing my headphones on, and just getting in the zone. My first objection to becoming a member was definitely price. I thought I could do all my projects from home. After using the shop for a few weeks though, the unique tools I had access to here and nowhere else basically paid for themselves. I still do some work at home, but the SLO MakerSpace is a perfect supplement to a minimalist like myself.


Riley Daley

The MakerSpace is a great place for me to do design work and make prototypes. I was concerned that it would get crowded, or that it would be too noisy to work here, but I actually haven’t found that to be an issue. There is good separation between the “noisy” side and “quiet” side, and the people are all pretty kind and easy to work with.

Startup Founder, Farmbot Inc

Rory Aronson

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