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SLO MakerSpace Blacksmithing

Local Blacksmith Jim Bergman is currently hosting forging workshops and classes on

Sundays from 9a-12p.

Each class has a maximum of 4 people and will provide basic safety training and techniques.  Those completing the class and signed off by Jim will be certified to use the forge at SLO MakerSpace.  


Classes are $60 and require either a free SLO Library membership, standard, or family membership to SLO MakerSpace.


Ongoing use of the forge after the class will require a SLO MakerSpace membership. 

Students must be 12 and older, and anyone under 18 must have a parent present and participating in the class as well. 


Location: SLO MakerSpace, Pacific Coast Center, 81 Higuera St, Suite 160.

Clothing: Leather boots (steel toe preferred), long cotton pants/jeans, cotton shirt.  No nylon/spandex/synthetic pants or shirts - they melt!


Remember to bring water and a snack if you need it.  You can purchase a 2 1/2 pound hammer at Harbor Freight that is decent to start, and consider their glove/apron kit, or we do have hammers, gloves, and some welding jackets to use as well.

How to get started: 

1. Sign up for one of our Membership options and sign the waiver:

Library Membership, free, limited access from 4p-7p M-F, no forge access outside of classes

Individual membership - $75, includes 2x 24 hour access memberships

Family Membership - $95, includes 2x Adult, 2x Youth 24 hour access memberships


* * *

A Note for Members Using the Forge

The Blacksmithing certification is required in order to grant you access to the forge.  For ongoing use of the metal shop, welders, and other tools, you will need to take the Welding/Metal certification as well. 


The forge will be lit during community sessions.  Please bring in your own propane tank when forging otherwise. You must always have a safety buddy when using equipment in the MakerSpace!

* * *


Library Cardholder Special Access

With a valid SLO County Library card, and completed certification classes you can come to use the woodshop for free weekdays 4-7PM.

Come try out the SLO MakerSpace

and see what you can do!

Shop Membership
Ceramics Membership
Library Membership

Days and Hours

Staffed Hours:

Weekdays 4PM to 7PM

Paid Members:

24 Hour Access

Please contact us here with questions about hours.

Book An Appointment

Reserve a spot for the laser

Request a Certification Class

or a Tour of the Shop

Certification Classes and Tools

This is a list of Certification Classes and the tools available to you once you take each class.

Please note this is potentially incomplete as we get new tools from time to time.

No Certification Needed

Sewing Machines (2)

Paint Booth

Adobe Creative Suite

Special Certifications (each machine is their own course)

Silhouette Vinyl Cutter

3D Printer

Wood CNC*

CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver*





Hand building

Ceramics tools


Woodshop 1

Table Saw
Drill Press

Belt Sander

Chop/Miter Saw

Ryobi Handtools

Circular Saw

Jig Saw

Reciprocating Saw

Band Saw

Leather Working Tools

Drivers Sockets

Hand Saws (wood)

Oscillating Sander

Air Compressor

Staple Gun

Downdraft Table

Woodshop 2*
Drum Sander


Routing Table


Nail Gun

Brad Nailer

CNC Mini Mill
Mortising Machine

Metal Shop**
Handsaw (metal)

Pipe Cutter

Metal Chop Saw
Palm Sander
Small-sized Sheet Break
Oscillating Multi-Tool
Bike Frame Jig

Metal Band Saw
Sandblasting Cabinet

*-Woodshop 1 prerequisite

**-Woodshop 2 prerequisite

***-Metal shop prerequisite

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