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Welcome back!

As more of our previous members return, we would like to inform everyone that 6 months or more of inactivity requires recertification!

This is per our insurance policy!

All of our certifications are $25 and can be scheduled via email.

We look forward to seeing everyone again!


Staffed Hours:

Weekdays 4PM to 7PM

Paid Members:

24 Hour Access

General Announcements

1. All tours must be scheduled ahead of time

2. We do not accept unapproved donations

3. Email or our contact form are the easiest way to reach us

At SLO MakerSpace we work hard to help creativity flourish here on the Central Coast!

Scroll down to meet some of our resident Makers!

 WHO IS Brooke-Ashley Pool?  

Brooke-Ashley is the creative verve behind SLO MakerSpace and SLO MiniMakers.
An artist and teacher she is dedicated to sustainability and community growth, tackling barriers and lowering thresholds to self-sufficiency and the creative experience.  

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Central Coast and various forms of creation throughout history, Brooke-Ashley has dedicated herself to learning about and enriching the world around her.


With a foundation in biochemistry and communications studies at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and a Masters of Arts in Curriculum Design and Pedagogy from Saint Mary's College of California, she has spent over a decade working to understand how people build knowledge and experience the world together.


Whether sewing historical-recreation gowns, hand-crafting soap made from locally sourced ingredients or throwing delicate porcelain vessels, Ms. Pool relies on a mixture of science and spirit to carefully craft experiences and works to share with the community.


 WHO IS Melisa Beveridge?  

Melisa is an artist and a Registered Veterinary Technician on a mission to make the world a better place for orphaned, injured, and rescued animals through her business, Woollybear Travels

Melisa goes to animal sanctuaries around the world and volunteers her services as an animal nurse. She then paints portraits of the sweet animal friends that she meets and writes their story. She creates products from these images and 10% of the sales goes back to the sanctuary where the featured animal lives. 


She first studied fine art at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, then transferred to The University of Oregon for a year.  After a seven-year break, she returned to school at the University of Montana where she finished her art degree, and also completed a biology degree. Melisa then went on to the University of California Santa Cruz to get a master's certificate in Scientific Illustration.  After several years working as an art director and a science Illustrator in NYC, She got her final degree at Mercy College in New York for Veterinary Technology. 

You can find Melisa's animal paintings and products made from those paintings at


Her Scientific Illustration work can be found at

 WHO IS Heather Cruce?  

Heather Cruce is our resident potter and sculptor. Born here on the Central Coast, she worked and studied on the East Coast before returning home to build her community by the sea.
Heather M Cruce Artist Portrait.jpg

Heather M. Cruce is a ceramic sculptor born and raised in California. 

She received her Bachelors of Arts at California State University Humboldt with an emphasis in ceramic sculpture, film and video studies, and museum and gallery studies. 

Her art practice brought her to the east coast where she intensely studied ceramic sculpture at State University New York Stony Brook achieving her Masters of Fine Arts.  Cruce has widely exhibited her work on the East and West Coasts.  Accolades include being the recipient of the Martin Wong Foundation Scholarship in Ceramic Arts and the Goldberger Fellowship for Dedication to Fine Arts.  She currently lives and works in California.

You can find her work on her website here:

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