Intro to Lampworking Class


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Lampworking is available by request only. Pay for this class and Guru Aimee will reach out to schedule a time.

Learn how to use a Hot Head Torch to make glass beads at SLO MakerSpace’s Lampworking Station.  Lampworking, or glassworking in an open-flame torch, is the art of making small glass items in a 2000 degree F torch.

This class covers the safety basics of working in a lampworking studio. You will also learn the basics of how to use a propane-only Hot Head Torch to make glass beads with “soft glass”.

Completion of this class, and being able to demonstrate basic safety and torchwork skills, is a requirement before using the Hot Head Torch in SLO MakerSpace’s Lampworking Station unattended.

The following is included in the class:
• Basic lampworking safety protocols
• Intro to lampworking
• Lighting a Hot Head torch
• Making glass beads, plain and with dots
• Preparing mandrels & cleaning beads
• How to get your beads annealed

STUDENTS: Please bring your PAID receipt to class to show the Guru. Attendees without a proof of class purchase will be required to pay onsite and reimbursed when proof of payment is provided.