SLO MiniMakers

SLO MiniMakers is a specialty program, classes and events for KIDS at SLO MakerSpace!

Meet the Education Director

Brooke-Ashley Pool

Brooke-Ashley Pool

SLO MakerSpace Education Director & Inspire Charter School State Certified Teacher

Educator. Curriculum Designer. PBL (DT) and STEM Specialist.

With a degree in communications and her Masters in Design Theory, Brooke-Ashley Pool is a powerful educator.

Mrs. Pool’s teaching philosophy is child-centered and she believes “children learn best in an environment where they feel safe and have the confidence to try new things. It is often through our mistakes that we do the most learning and achieve the highest level of understanding”.

Brooke is also an avid passionate and professional Maker. Textiles, leather working, custom jewelry, floral design, and more!

She’s the perfect Inspire Charter Teacher fit for SLO MakerSpace and now as Education Director for SLO MakerSpace, she will continue to develop this Specialty Program as well as other classes, events and programs for kids in our space.

SLO MiniMakers!


SLO MiniMakers is a program at SLO MakerSpace developed by Brooke-Ashley Pool and is comprised, currently, of three main areas:

I. SLO MiniMakers Secialty Program for Inspire Charter School:

SLO MiniMakers is a STEAM-based learning program dedicated to providing a unique environment where students have a well-rounded, beyond-the-box classroom experience. Through SLO MiniMakers, students are guided by teachers who care for each child’s unique learning style and treat the students with respect while enforcing boundaries. Our multi-age approach to the learning experience allows students to flourish while serving as both mentor and mentee, and reinforces social responsibility in order to help the students to develop a strong sense of self in relation to those around them and their community at large. MiniMakers students develop practical skills and real-world experience as they simultaneously gain confidence and mastery of developmentally appropriate concepts and skills.

While our main focus is on the child, we know that educating your child is truly a team effort. From one-on-one check-in meetings to individualized curricular plans- we’re with your family every step of the way.

Check out the SLO MiniMakers Website here, or email Mrs. Pool for more information.

II. SLO MiniMakers After School and Weekend Classes and Events:


III. 2018 SLO MiniMakers Summer Camp:

Our 2017 Summer Camp was the highest attended and most raved about Summer Camp yet! Just imagine what Mrs. Pool has planned for 2018! As of January 2018 we are currently holding a waiting list for Summer Camp so email Mrs. Pool at today!



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