ROBO 3D Printer

The ROBO 3D printer has a build volume of 215 x 254 x 200 mm and can print in both ABS and PLA plastics. You can use the computer workstation to create parts with SketchUp, repair your .STL files with NetFabb, and then slice and print them with Slic3r and Repetier-Host. For faster printing, we recommend you bring your own g-code files because slicing can take a long time.

Note: To use this machine, you will need to have taken the 1 hour Certification Course that covers the following:

  • An Introduction to 3D printing including the software workflow and hardware
  • Creating a .STL file from a CAD model
  • Repairing .STL files with NetFabb
  • Arranging objects in the print volume with Repetier-Host
  • Slicing objects into g-code with Slic3r from within Repetier-Host
  • Printing your parts

If you want to Slice your parts at home, you can try using these configuration files for Slic3r.