MakerJobs & Consulting Services

Have a project that you need help with? Our Gurus or community of makers may be able to help!


Don’t have time to come to SLO MakerSpace and do-it-yourself?  Let a SLO MakerSpace Guru Do-It-For-You.

Since we’ve opened our doors the San Luis Obispo community has come to us with creations, inventions, project requests, and repairs that we’ve been completing through our MakerJobs program. Submit a project request through the form below and a Guru or Staff Member will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. Examples of work our consulting makers have done in the past include furniture design/fabrication, sign making, CNC Routing, CAD, 3D printing, and more.

NOTE: These services are being offered by our volunteer Guru Staff and Members of our SLO MakerSpace Community. This is not their full time position here at the space or purpose of being at the space. These talented tradespeople, artists, and experts come to SLO MakerSpace to work on their own crafts/projects/businesses and provide this service as a special offer to our community.

Consulting Services

Want to do-it-yourself, but unsure how to start, or the best approach for your project?

Our Gurus and Maker Community are a valuable resource of information and some are available for 1:1 instruction. Consultants are also available for off-site groups, special events, in-classroom learning (through our Education Director, Ms. Brooke-Ashley Pool –, or equipment consulting for your home and business. These skills and hourly rates vary.


How it Works

To submit a request for a MakerJob or Consulting Services please fill out the form below, or send an email to with questions.

1. Complete the form below.
2. A Guru/Member will be in touch with you to discuss the specifics of your request and provide you with a bid for services.
3. You will agree to the bid for services by making a deposit through the payment option below.
4. Guru/Member will complete the service, working with you through the process.
5. Once the project/consulting is compete you will submit final payment through the payment option below and receive your item.

– CA State Law requires that we charge sales tax on any completed item based on the assumed retail value of that item.
– This is an agreement between you and the Guru/Member. SLO MakerSpace is not liable or responsible for this bid process or guarantee of work.
– There are just simply times that a Guru/Member is simply not available or interested in completing a project.

We respond to these requests in as timely of a manner as possible, but it may be several days before you hear a response. Rushed deadlines or fast turnaround services are considered on a case by case basis. Thank you!

MakerJobs & Consulting Request Form

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MakerJobs & Consulting Payment

Submit your MakerJob or Consulting Services payments here. These amounts were provided to you on your bid or invoice by the Guru/Member who is working with you.

On your final MakerJob Payment be sure to include all associated fees and sales tax on the final value of the item you’ve had made as they are outlined on your invoice. Sales tax will not be added to this item by the system, but is required by law on the assumed retail value of any created/produced final item. Thank you!