SLO MakerSpace specialty programs and classes for KIDS!

Meet the Education Director

Brooke-Ashley Pool

Brooke-Ashley Pool

Inspire Charter School Teacher

Educator. Curriculum Designer. PBL (DT) and STEM Specialist.

With a degree in communications and her Masters in Design Theory, Brooke is a powerful educator.

Her teaching philosophy is child-centered and she believes “children learn best in an environment where they feel safe and have the confidence to try new things. It is often through our mistakes that we do the most learning and achieve the highest level of understanding”.

Brooke is also an avid passionate and professional Maker. Textiles, leather working, custom jewelry, floral design, and more!

She’s the perfect Inspire Charter Teacher fit for SLO MakerSpace and now as Education Director for SLO MakerSpace, she will continue to develop this Specialty Program as well as other classes, events and programs for kids in our space.


SLO MakerSpace has been committed to the education of children since our early planning and investment stages. We’re excited to announce that we’ve created a specialty program for Inspire Charter School students and other home-schooled students to participate in an education woven with the robust offerings of SLO MakerSpace.


Mini Makers: Grades 1-8

Tue, Wed, Thur from 8:30a – 11:30a

October 4, 2016 – June 9, 2017

** Limited to 15 Students **

Begin your journey to Maker Prime! Using our basic mathematical, scientific, and language arts skills (measuring, adding, counting, simple geometry, writing, describing) we will begin to develop our process and experimentation muscles to make amazing projects!

Bonus: Two guardians receive FREE 24/7 Membership to SLO MakerSpace during the school year. SLO MakerSpace specialty program enrollee and other kids in the household, under 16, are also FREE.


Mega Maker and Maker Prime Classes with potential for school depending on demand. Entrepreneurial coursework and school program also being developed. Camps, classes and other events in the works as well. SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST BELOW.


We’ve been committed to kids education and the role we can play in our community as an educational resource since our opening. We’ve created curriculum in the last two years through our Kid’s Night and Summer Camp, school field trips, in-school STEAM activities, and library partnership events.

Inspire Charter Schools ( provides homeschool families with a State Certified Teacher, Online Curriculum, Technology Discounts and other classes, activities, and resources to support home school children.

Inspire is one of the first Charter schools in the country to offer programs at local businesses and organizations WITH a CA state certified Inspire Charter School Teacher. These opportunities create a central location where kids can have group learning experiences and create bonds with classmates for ten+ hours a week. These businesses or organizations can also provide other classes, camps, or workshops. Students who go to school at these businesses or organizations have access to one-on-one tutoring with their teacher and that will be their location for state testing in the Spring.

Inspire approached SLO MakerSpace to become a preferred vendor for their students to use their enrichment dollars towards Membership or classes at our space. We completed the necessary forms to do that, and then immediately began planning a school program to offer as well.



That’s ok! Let us know your child(ren)’s grade(s) and their interests on the form below and we’ll make sure you’re notified of future opportunities at SLO MakerSpace and through this program.


1. Write to and request an enrollment certificate. A PDF will be emailed to you.

2. Enroll: Go to

– Already an Inspire Charter School Member?
Log in to your account and submit the enrollment certificate for approval and assignment.

– Not an Inspire Charter School Member?
That’s ok! Click on the Enroll button at the top of the page and complete the information requested.

– Don’t want to be an Inspire Charter School Member, but still want to enroll?
Ok! Email us at and let us know.

3. You’ll receive an email when you’re enrolled/approved and information about showing up for the first day of class – OCTOBER 4th!

That’s it!


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Meet the SLOMS Assistant

Jonathan Holt

Jonathan Holt

SLOMS Education Coordinator

Renaissance Man

Jon has studied Mechanical Engineering, Anthropology, Music Theory, Automotive Technology and Sailing. As an office manager, web developer, sales, and property manager he is a fantastic addition to our space. With his varied talents he is a valuable assistant to Brooke-Ashley Pool for our Specialty Program at SLO MakerSpace with Inspire Charter Schools.

Jon was a stay-at-home Father during his daughter’s pre-school years and is excited to be part of this program.

Jon is also an avid passionate and professional Maker. Wood shop, electronics, programming, leather working, textiles, laser, CNC, and more!