CNC Routing

Our 4' x 8' home-built CNC router can cut 2D profiles and 3D reliefs

Notice: After TUE, FEB 6, CNC Router will be moved and offered every FRI from 7-9p.

Example Projects

About the CNC Router

SLO MakerSpace is proud to have a 4’x8′ CNC router for use with plywood, wood, plastics, foams, and other soft materials. You must use your own endmills or router bits with this machine. We have a range of cutters you may purchase below including endmills, ball endmills, and engraving bits. Note: To use this machine, you will need to be a SLO MakerSpace member and have taken the 2 hour Intro to CNC Routing Class below.

Meet the Guru

Intro to CNC Routing Class


Check out Classes and Events for the most current CNC Router Class Schedule.

In this 2 hour class, you will learn how to safely and effectively use the SLO MakerSpace CNC Router. The class covers the ins and outs of the machine, the software workflow, and will culminate in a live demo of the machine’s capabilities. This class is required before members can use the CNC Router.

Students: Please, bring a USB thumb drive formatted for Windows (Fat-32) to class to download free VCarve-Pro software and files. Also, please bring your PAID receipt to class to show the Guru. Attendees without a proof of class purchase will be required to pay onsite and reimbursed when proof of payment is provided.

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CNC Router Reservation

You can reserve the CNC Router in 1 hour time slots, up to 4 slots at a time and 2 weeks in advanced. Note: If you do not show up within 15 minutes on time for your reservation, another member has the right to use machine.