Build Yourself Fantasy Wings (faerie, butterfly, dragonfly)

In this hands-on class, you’ll learn how to make inexpensive but professional-looking fantasy wings, and you’ll take home a pair when you’re done! These wings are built from layered posterboard and cellophane, and attached to a back-mount for easy wearing and removal. Skills required: * Inscribing a template onto posterboard (tracing while pressing hard) * […]


NOVA’s Making Stuff WorkShop Part 1

Today we hosted a free workshop for kids and adults of all ages to build toothpick and gumdrop structures, and pinewood derby cars! It was a blast, and everyone learned about structural engineering, aerodynamics, friction, and more while crafting their structures and vehicles. Interested in an opportunity like this for your kids? Check out our […]

SLO MakerSpace at the Farmers’ Market

SLO MakerSpace hit the streets of downtown San Luis Obispo to show off our 3D printer, CNC routed dinosaurs, and sewing projects; and to reach out in-person with the SLO community to explain what MakerSpace is. We attracted quite the crowd, and we’re sure we’ll be back!


Image - Hives - Colorado Top Bar 3

Introduction to Open Source Beehives

Come on down to SLO MakerSpace for this free event to learn about the Open Source Beehives Project, connect with other locals on the topic of bees and beekeeping, and learn how you could use the SLO MakerSpace’s CNC Router to build your own beehive! When: Sunday, March 9th from 7pm to 8pm. Where: SLO […]

Softec Open House at SLO MakerSpace

Join us for a Softec Open House hosted at SLO MakerSpace on February 19th from 5pm-7pm! Softec is the Central Coast’s leading technology industry group.  Established in 1995, Softec has grown to over 1000 members and includes organizations as well as individuals and is by far the largest, most active technology group in the area.  Our list […]


We’re Open! Check out our February promos!

After months of hard work of getting permits, building the shop, learning tools, creating safety curriculum, and more, SLO MakerSpace is finally open! Everyone involved is extremely happy to make it to this point and we cannot wait to get members in to the shop and using the space! In addition to beefing up our […]

Calling All Makers, Artists, Performers, Scientists, Crafters and Engineers for Cal Poly Co-Produced SLO Mini Maker Faire

Applications are being accepted until Feb. 28 for maker-exhibitors in the second annual SLO Mini Maker Faire, co-produced by Cal Poly. The SLO Mini Maker Faire celebrates do-it-yourself (DIY) creativity and tinkering. Participants of all ages come together to make, create, learn, invent, craft, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, […]


SLO MakerSpace Open House

Join us for an Open House on January 18th from 1-4pm to see the progress we’ve made at SLO MakerSpace! Tour our complete facility including the WorkSpace, WorkShop, Co-Working Spaces, Electronics and Crafts Area, and the Demonstration Room. We’ll be having live demos of the 3D printer, CNC router, CNC mill, and robotics projects as […]

Video Spot: What is SLO MakerSpace?

Watch the first promo video for SLO MakerSpace and find out a little bit more what we’re all about! And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our email newsletter in the right hand column and like us on Facebook to stay updated!

SLO MakerSpace Video Runthrough

Dying to know what the SLO MakerSpace is going to look like? Here is a quick runthrough of our 3,300 square foot facility! We’re excited to start building out the space and moving in the machines; make sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to find out when you can come help us out!